Gold transfers for chocolates

Revolutionise the decoration of chocolates with GOLD. Our transfers remove the need to sprinkle gold flakes on the coating machine, eliminating waste and cutting working time.


  • Transfers with small cut GOLD leaf flakes

  • Available in sheets or as individual transfers

  • Created by sprinkling flakes, all transfers look different

  • Flakes can be scattered in a small or large area


  • Individual transfers are packaged in a small cardboard box which fits neatly on the coating machine


  • Used in the same way as printed transfers. The transfer is put in place when the chocolates have just been coated. The gold is transferred when the chocolate is fully crystallised

  • The flakes are placed on the plastic film without any additives

  • cost price controlled: 1 transfer = 1 chocolate

  • No waste. No glitter flakes get blown away

  • A perfect result on the finished product. Chocolate and GOLD are beautifully glossy

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