OR A DECOR uses its unique know-how in working with edible gold leaf to provide innovative solutions for chocolatiers and pastry chefs


Cut edible gold leaf decorations

Presentation of the first decorations cut out of sheets of edible gold leaf at the Europain exhibition. These decorations, packaged loose in tissue paper, are still difficult to affix, but many innovative ideas very soon come along to make them as easy to use as printed transfers.


Cut gold leaf flakes for sprinkling

First cut gold leaf flakes for sprinkling. They have an amazing shimmer - far superior to shredded flakes. The square has been the most popular type of glitter flake since its launch.


Edible gold transfers

First edible gold transfers for chocolates. Cut gold leaf decorations are now available on paper or transfer film.


Edible gold flake transfers

OR A DECOR revolutionises the decoration of chocolates with GOLD leaf with its edible gold flake transfers - cut flakes and transfers in perfect combination.


Multi-decoration gold transfer sheets

Launch of multi-decoration gold transfer sheets for magnetic moulds


Transfer sheets for stencil moulds

The flake transfers for chocolates and multi-decoration transfers are made to fit stencil moulds for making chocolate toppers


Tiny GOLD leaf sheets

Launch of OR A DECOR Peel me off! tiny goldleaf sheets Tiny pre-cut gold leaf sheets in booklets. A new revolution in the use of gold leaf!