Personalised GOLD decorations

What we’re all about. The expression of all our know-how. We can supply the personalised GOLD leaf decorations you need.


  • Decorations cut out of gold leaf based on logos or drawings supplied by the customer.

  • Personalised decorations on plastic transfers for tempered chocolate

  • Personalised decorations on transfer paper for icing and other slightly sticky patisserie items

  • Personalised gold flakes for spirits


  • Our packaging is designed to provide the best possible protection for our products and ensure that our customers always receive their decorations in perfect condition, in France or anywhere else in the world.


  • Extremely finely cut gold leaf

  • Decorations on a large transfer for creating large pieces of chocolate

  • Our transfers are easy to use. The customer handles only the plastic or paper backing, not the gold decoration itself

  • An alternative for other decoration and cosmetic sectors where traditional gilding techniques cannot be used

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